Tuesday, January 8, 2019

He is legend: The Richard Matheson Blogathon!

One of the finest genre writers of the 20th century, Richard Matheson thrilled audiences worldwide with his screenplays, teleplays, novels and other writings in the fields of suspense, sci-fi/fantasy and horror. His contributions to The Twilight Zone are among the most popular in that show's history. The movies based on his work, including The Incredible Shrinking Man and The Last Man on Earth, are still watched and discussed today. And now he's the subject of this year's WSW blogathon.

I'm delighted to team up with Debbie from Moon in Gemini to bring you this one. The usual rules apply: comment here or at Debbie's blog to let us know what you wanna write about, and we'll gather up your posts, on March 9-10. Duplicates are AOK for this one! (One each.)

Matheson's literary work, his screenplays, teleplays, any movies inspired by his work, his career in general, are all fair game.

I'm going to write about the movie Duel. Debbie will write about the Amazing Stories episode "The Doll."

We got a whole bunch of banners this time, including the Kolchak one up top...


  1. "He is legend" Ha! And yes indeed.

    I'll get back to you this evening with my second or third thought. My first thought was Comedy of Terrors, but I've already written about that fave.

    1. When I saw on IMDB he had written that, I thought of you, because I know you love that movie. Maybe you could come at it from a different angle?

  2. Can I add a wee previously published review I’ve not added to a blogathon for his film screenplay, Somewhere in Time? from Gill at Realweegiemidget Reviews

  3. I'm in with the the 1962 flick Burn, Witch, Burn.
    Bob over at It Came From The Man Cave! www.mda4life.blogspot.com

  4. Can I do Incredible Shrinking Man for The Stop Button!?!

  5. Can I do What Dreams May Come (1998) and Loose Cannons (1990)?



  6. Well, it's been a long day, but I am back with the selection of The Twilight Zone episode Nick of Time (with Janet's encouragement).

  7. Awesome. Glad you could join us.

  8. I'd like to take on "Trilogy of Terror." from the dream team of Dan Curtis and Richard Matheson. John at http://jveclectic.blogspot.com.

  9. Take it.

    I watched that recently. Karen Black was good in it.


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