Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Set List: This is my only escape from it all

Soundtrack of the week: O Brother Where Art Thou?

I never thought I could get excited about bluegrass music until I saw this Coen Brothers movie and heard this soundtrack. Exquisite music from start to finish, and all of it integrated into the film itself quite well. This song might be my favorite.

Ralph Stanley, "O Death"

Song-about-movies of the week: "Robert DeNiro's Waiting"

Bananarama. Yeah, I was totally into them back in the 80s. I liked the Bangles and the Go-Gos more, but I dug them too.

Song-that-would-make-a-good-movie of the week: "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"

A group of friends from the same New York neighborhood share stories over dinner about Brenda and Eddie, a couple from the old days who somehow got married even though no one could ever imagine either of them settling down. Though each of them have their own individual memories of the two, a narrative slowly forms, chronicling their lives from high school until the present. Though Brenda and Eddie would be more or less the stars of the movie, it would play as an ensemble, with a wide variety of character actors. The director would be Edward Burns, a New Yorker who could get the feel of old friendships and neighborhood lives. I would want to set it in the Bronx instead of Manhattan, though.

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