Friday, November 19, 2010

Saturday Set List (Friday morning special!)

I'm seeing a movie tonight so the set list gets moved up a day.

Soundtrack of the week: Dead Presidents

Here's an example of a soundtrack I own even though I never saw the movie. It's okay, though, because this is such an awesome 70s soul soundtrack: James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Sly and the Family Stone, Barry White, the O'Jays - I mean, who can resist it?

The Dramatics, "Get Up and Get Down"

Song-about-movies of the week: "The Saga Begins"

Weird Al Yankovic is a god among men. That is all.

Album that would make a good movie: Born to Run

With all the talk about the Bruce Springsteen documentary The Promise (check out this interview with the Boss conducted by actor Edward Norton), it made me think once again about one of my all time favorite albums, Born to Run, and how it feels like a single story, divided into smaller ones. I wouldn't want a film version to be a musical or a rock opera, like American Idiot or Tommy. In fact, one could just use the music as a score, as opposed to a soundtrack, and let the stories within the lyrics play out, weaving into and out of each other. Scorsese would have to be the director. Music plays such an integral part in his films; you can tell he carefully considers which songs to use when. The cast would have to be unknowns. And of course, there would have to be location shooting all around Jersey. Who knows - maybe Bruce could co-write the screenplay?

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, "Jungleland"

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