Thursday, March 19, 2020

Queens World FF goes online and streams movies for free!

I don’t have to describe the situation we’re all facing now. While we wait for a resolution (and may it come soon), there’s good news to be had: the Queens World Film Festival, the annual event I’ve blogged about here on WSW, has arranged to stream online many of this year’s crop of movies. I’ve told you about this festival for years and this year, QWFF’s tenth anniversary, you can see it for yourself beginning tonight at 7PM EST, and continuing through March 29, absolutely FREE, on

I gotta say, I’m not very surprised that Don & Katha Cato found a way to keep the festival going, because if you knew them and understood their commitment to independent film and their ability to get things done even in the face of great challenges, you’d know that not even a worldwide virus could stop them from putting on the show. I’m glad to be reminded.

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