Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Master cordially invites you to the Butlers & Maids Blogathon

Ladies and gentlemen, the Master of this web log extends his greetings to you all and hopes you will join him on 22-23 February for what promises to be a rather dashing soirĂ©e, if I may be so bold. The only requirement for admittance is a post from you on the subject of butlers and maids in cinema and television history. Although that is the theme, rest assured, posts on other domestic servants—chauffeurs, cooks, gardeners, what have you—shall also be accepted.

The Master is aided in this endeavor by Madame Caftan Woman who, I am told, will provide a preview of her spring fashions in caftanwear from Paris. Her post will be about the film Personal Maid’s Secret, starring Ruth Donnelly.

Champagne and hors d’oeuvres will be served promptly at six, with dinner and dancing to follow—oh, and the Master wishes to add that he has learned his lesson from last time and promises to leave the mashed potatoes on the plate where they belong.

Please accept one of these invitations. There are more on the end table out on the veranda as you leave.

((Thanks to Ruth for the banner assist.))

Second Sight Cinema
Ruggles of Red Gap

Movie Movie Blog Blog II
Another Fine Mess

Strictly Vintage Hollywood
Sunset Boulevard

Maddy Loves Her Classic Films
If You Could Only Cook

A Shroud of Thoughts
Our Man Godfrey

Old Hollywood Films
The Fallen Idol

Hometowns to Hollywood
Higher and Higher

The Midnite Drive-In

Citizen Screen

Taking Up Room
Benny and Joon

Grand Old Movies
Thank You, Jeeves!
Step Lively, Jeeves!

Pale Writer
Cluny Brown

Critica Retro
Murder By Death

Another Old Movie Blog
Sullivan’s Travels

The Story Enthusiast
Imitation of Life (1934)

RealWeegieMidget Reviews
The Others


  1. Morning, Jeeves! I’ll take Ruggles of Red Gap (1935), thanks! Lots of great possibilities, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to write about this one for years.

    1. Excellent choice, ma’am. The Master has made a note of it.

  2. I'm in! Please put me down for Laurel & Hardy in ANOTHER FINE MESS.

    1. Thank you, sir. Looking forward to seeing you, sir.

  3. Steve at MovieMovieBlogBlog II has joined with Laurel and Hardy in Another Fine Mess, 1930.

    I'm still thinking!

  4. Quite all right, madam. The Master has not decided on a post at this time either.

  5. Hello, I'll write about The Fallen Idol for Old Hollywood Films if that is agreeable to our honored hosts. Thanks for the invite.

  6. Thanks! I'll do Higher and Higher.
    Hometowns to Hollywood

  7. A pleasure, ma’am. Thank you.

  8. I'm going to work up something on Ruth Donnelly in Personal Maid's Secret from 1935.

  9. Excellent, madame. The Master says he is eager to learn more about Ms. Donnelly.

  10. Hello,

    No problem leaving a comment with my own laptop. :/

    If not chosen please put me down for Mrs. Danvers in Hitchcock's REBECCA. I may choose a second one, but will let you know.

    Thank you,

    Once Upon a Screen

  11. Excellent choice, madam. A pleasure to have you join us.

  12. Jacqueline has signed up with Sullivan's Travels.

  13. Brittaney at The Story Enthusiast is going to do Louise Beavers in Imitation of Life, 1934.

  14. Paddy, is it too late to join? If not, I's like to do Mae's maids. who stretch across several films.(One was her real maid.)

  15. You mean Mae West? If so, go for it.

  16. Here is the link to my article on The Fallen Idol:

    Thanks for hosting


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