Wednesday, April 29, 2015

New release roundup for April '15

- Ex Machina. Tony Stark-like billionaire engineer creates robotic intelligence that he recruits a low-level tech employee of his to determine how lifelike it is. I was able to guess at some of the plot twists in this directing debut from screenwriter Alex Garland, but overall, it wasn't bad. Differs from Her in that the hand of the creator plays a central role in the story and acts as a wedge between the protagonist and the AI character. Visual effects are spectacular, making actress Alicia Vikander look truly robotic. Definitely worth a look.

That's it. I had heard good things about the horror film It Follows, but by the time I decided to give it a chance, it left the theaters. Guess I'm not used to the concept of an American horror film not sucking. I'm relying more on word of mouth from small film blogs for new movies this year (as opposed to reading reviews at the traditional movie sites), as a by-product of The One Year Switch, and Ex Machina was one such example. 

Once the summer movies get going, I expect you'll see me write about more movies here.

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