Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A fool and his links

So we're a quarter of the way into The One Year Switch and I think I've learned a few things so far. In terms of numbers, after the big January start, the amount of pageviews have settled down and are about on a par with 2014. The CinemaScope Blogathon was a very nice and very unexpected boost, to say the least.

One big difference, I find, is that I'm planning posts for a specific date as opposed to before, where I'd post whenever I was ready. With new releases, one naturally wants to get them up in a timely manner, while they're still playing in theaters, but I never had a specific time period in mind for that. Here, I'm more conscious of hitting dates, and not just for the blogathon posts...

...not that I always hit the ones I aim for. The Frank Capra post should've gone up weeks earlier, but I was kinda intimidated by the man's history. He had accomplished so much in his life that it was tough to find a focus, and then, between the blogathon and the Queens World Film Festival, it just became easier to put it on the backburner until I had to return to it. So that's why the Capra piece and the Bernard Herrmann one ran so close together. I fully expect to get back on track with the Joan Blondell piece this week. That's a blogathon post, after all.

Two blogathon posts this month, plus a new feature that you'll be able to participate in making. Also, I've got another guest post for you, from a young lady by the name of Maria Ramos. Even if you don't know the name, you might have seen her work on pop culture sites here and there, and I'm pleased to have her contribute a piece for me. She's planning to talk about Cold War-era sci-fi, so stay tuned for that.

Your links for this month:

The Japanese lettering for this month's banner, featuring the great Toshiro Mifune, was put together by Danny from, so if you like it, visit his blog and tell him so... 

...and while you're there, check out this post about the one and only movie featuring all three Barrymore siblings. (UPDATE 4.1: I've just learned that today is actually Mifune's birthday. I swear I did not know this!)

Ivan tells the tale of a rare 60s film about heroin addiction by a woman director.

Leah has a cat with a classic movie-related name.

Ruth saw Wings for the first time.

Glory hallelujah, Retrospace is back! Here is a collection of title screens.

The death of camerawoman Sarah Jones could've been avoided if someone had been able to say no to her director.

Blacklisted actress Marsha Hunt, whom I've talked about here before, is gonna get an award named in her honor this month.


  1. Thanks for the link Rich! So jealous that you saw WINGS on the big screen, that would've been so awesome.

  2. Read all about it:


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