Saturday, January 26, 2013

City Mouse Makes a Movie #4

Previously: City Mouse is in the process of writing the screenplay to his movie, which his pal Collie is producing.


This strip takes place in both New York and Columbus. I kinda wish I had shown a little bit more of New York in the beginning aside from this chapter, but it doesn't matter that much. We should see more of New York when the story returns there further down the line.

CM's waiting for the 7 train at the Queensboro Plaza station. I wrote about trains (and buses) in Queens here. I remember how shocked I was when I first learned that Columbus doesn't even have Amtrak service, and in this CM strip, I talked about a political plan to get passenger rail there. I remember going to a gallery show in which among the exhibits were several pretend subway maps for Columbus by a single artist. 

Transportation was something I gave a great deal of thought to while over there. I bought a bike after being forced to walk home on a Sunday night, not realizing that the buses stopped running at 7 PM (8 PM? Don't recall for certain). It was a last-straw moment after weeks of similar frustration. I devoted a number of CM strips to transportation, including this one, featuring Collie, about a proposed streetcar plan, which, to my knowledge, hasn't progressed much in the intervening years.

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