Saturday, January 12, 2013

City Mouse Makes a Movie #2

Previously: City Mouse decides to make a movie.


Collie was originally created as a kind of metaphorical character. She didn't even have a name at first - she was meant to be the "spirit" of the city of Columbus, or some such thing like that. I referred to her (though not in the comics) as "Collie the Columbus Cow." Her first appearance was in the strip celebrating Barack Obama's presidential victory in 2008. If you'll recall, it was when Ohio officially declared for Obama (relatively early, too) that his victory seemed assured, which is why I thought an image like this seemed appropriate. The funny thing is, though, that this wasn't the first time I drew Collie for a CM strip. That was the following week's strip, which I pushed back so that I could draw the Obama victory strip.

Since then, she's become less of a metaphorical character and more of an actual one, who interacted with CM on a regular basis and became his de facto sidekick (though don't tell her that!). I keep wanting to build more of a life for her, but the back-and-forth between her and CM is so much fun to write. I'm currently working on a strip for the LAMB Oscar event that'll feature her without CM (mostly). Long-time readers: yes, I know that the shape of her nose keeps changing. I goofed; what can I say?

Buckeye Donuts is an all-night greasy spoon joint located across the street from the Ohio State campus. I loved going there late at night on the weekends after a night of cafe-hopping. Sometimes I'd ride my bike there from Stauf's in Grandview Heights (my favorite Columbus cafe) after they'd close at midnight on Saturdays, and stay there another hour or two before heading home. It was just a nice, comfortable place to hang out after hours, exactly the kind of place Collie would patronize after a Buckeyes football game or any time, really. I'm glad I was able to get a shot of it in this strip.

Panel four had to be redone because I didn't like the way I originally inked Collie's face. It's also a homage. A cookie to the first person who recognizes the source!


  1. Now City Mouse has an aggressive producer to deal with! By the way, I love how you drew his eyes as movie reels!

  2. Thanks. Took me forever to come up with a title card that I liked.

  3. These are great. I really envy your talent for this kind of thing. And the post-strip commentary adds a lot.

  4. I agree. The commentary is something I never did back in the original CM, but in looking at other webcartoon sites, I've since discovered that it's something readers like.


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