Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Kinyarwanda' opens December 2!

Kinyarwanda star Cassandra Freeman:
... Kinyarwanda is like a movie no one has ever seen before. Though it's based around the genocide, the film is really about love in the time of genocide.Going out to parties and being a teenager during the time of genocide. And what it's like to be a freedom fighter in the time of genocide. It's about so much more. It's about what would happen to your life if you chose freedom and forgiveness instead of vengeance and violence. And that's really the story of this movie.
Just a reminder that Kinyarwanda, the second film released through AFFRM, is coming out this Friday (rescheduled from its original date of November 23). Here's my review of the film from the Urbanworld Film Festival back in September. I strongly recommend it; it's quite moving, in unexpected ways, with a message that needs to be heard. Check the AFFRM site to find out which cities and theaters it's playing in. Here's some more items related to the film that have come out since September:

the trailer
Kinyarwanda wins audience award @ AFI Fest 
director Alrick Brown
AFFRM founder Ava DuVernay

 Alrick Brown profile in the October 2011 Vanity Fair (click to enlarge)


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