Monday, July 23, 2012


Life goes on. I had wondered for awhile whether or not I had overreacted to refunding my Dark Knight Rises ticket, since the Aurora massacre obviously wasn't stopping other people from seeing it. That in itself didn't surprise me. I was on vacation from my video store job when 9-11 happened, and when I came back, my co-workers told me the video store for the two or three days immediately afterward was packed. Movies are still a means to escape for many people, in spite of everything, and I think it's generally understood that the odds of another shooting happening so soon after the first one are very slim. Not that I believe it'll happen, of course, but I'd still rather wait. In the meantime...

I was gonna see the Singin' in the Rain re-release, but my plans changed, but that's okay - I'd rather read about first-timers Alan and Sarah describing it.

When Ryan did this shtick on Twitter, I thought he was just being funny (and he was). Now I know why he did it. (For the record, I agree with him. Too much nitpicking can be a pain after awhile.)

This was funnier before DKR came out, perhaps, but it's still worth reading. (NOT Aurora-related.)

Page applies her special brand of snark to a rare recent movie, Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer.

She calls herself Caftan Woman. Why? Cuz she wears a caftan, duh. Here she writes about silent short films.

Notable film critic Glenn Kenny on fanboy culture in general and comic book culture in specific.

Proof that the younger generation still cares about classic movies.

This guy does some sweet woodcuts of classic movie stars.


  1. Thanks for the link love, Rich! I should mention that for someone who had never seen Singin' in the Rain before July 12, it was awesome to get to see it on the big screen.


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