Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Hometown Blogathon: The posts

I didn't expect anything huge, but to those of you who contributed, I thank you. First there are my own posts, representing my hometown of Queens, New York:

The Terminal
Coming to America
The Wrong Man

And now the rest:

The Dark of the Matinee, Chloe

San Dimas, CA
The Great Movie Project, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

New York/Quebec border
Insight Into Entertainment, Frozen River

Whittier, CA
The Great Movie Project, Masters of the Universe

Freehold, NJ
Flickers, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

San Francisco
Colleenie's Couch, Medicine For Melancholy


  1. Unfortunately I couldn't get my post together due the events in Oslo so I'll save it for a later time.

    Looking forward to read up on what everyone have submitted.

  2. I completely understand. Be careful out there.


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