Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Re-engage: Stewart to return as Picard

"With overwhelming joy, it's a privilege to welcome Sir Patrick Stewart back to the Star Trek fold. For over 20 years, fans have hoped for the return of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and that day is finally here. We can't wait to forge new ground, surprise people, and honor generations both new and old."

I've already provided my assessment of Picard, so let's talk about the man behind the character. I think Sir Patrick has, in his own way, become as representative of Trek as Bill, yet he never became tied down to it; he has been Professor Xavier for so many X-Men and Wolverine movies, it's easy to think of him in that context as well (Logan might have been his best movie as Xavier).

His theater and other TV work, his close friendship with Ian McKellen (another geek icon), his occasional ventures into comedic videos such as this, not to mention his talk show appearances, all have helped make him a legitimate celebrity that non-geeks know and respect. Even my sister liked the Facebook post that carried this announcement!

I think it's a foregone conclusion this new show, like Discovery, will be on CBS All Access. What was that I said recently about how I may need to think twice about getting it? An issue for another time, for now, but damn, a new Trek series with Picard would be incredibly tough to resist. I think there was a TNG episode where somebody said something pertaining to resistance...

Star Trek TNG: The Best of Both Worlds
Star Trek: Discovery


  1. Yeah. Resistance is ineffective, or something like that. I'll admit to getting a little giddy when I heard the news.

    I am not one of the X-Men fans, but Janet did make me watch Logan for, as she put it, the "Shane-ness" of it. I was impressed.

  2. I was amazed at how violent LOGAN was (who would've thought Hollywood would actually make an R-rated Wolverine movie?), but also how good. Now that the X-franchise is reunited with Marvel, I expect Wolverine and Professor Xavier will be recast sooner or later, but whoever it is will have some huge shoes to fill.

    Will Picard be an ambassador? An archaeologist? I have a feeling he may not be a starship captain, and that's okay by me - though it'd be great if there were some connection to Q's parting words to Picard in "All Good Things" - you know, about expanding the imagination and all. A fan mentioned that on FB and I think it's a great idea.


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