Tuesday, September 11, 2012

WSW returns to Urbanworld 9/20-22

It's official: I just received my press confirmation this week and once again I'll attend the Urbanworld Film Festival in Manhattan on September 20-22. This was the first film festival I had ever attended, and if you click on the "Urbanworld" label in the sidebar, you'll see my coverage of it last year. It was exciting, and I was more than a little starry-eyed and nervous, but now that I've got it behind me, I feel like I'm ready for another round. 

Urbanworld is the fest where I saw two outstanding films from last year, Kinyarwanda and Restless City, as well as a good documentary, Brooklyn Boheme, and I'm expecting more of the same this year. Highlights include: Middle of Nowhere, Ava Duvernay's Sundance winner, which will be the closing night film; Won't Back Down, Viola Davis' new one; and Being Mary Jane, the opening night film from the Sparkle team of Salim & Mara Brock Akil. The full schedule can be found at the Urbanworld website. Once I decide which films I plan to see, I'll post my schedule on the WSW Facebook page.

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