Saturday, September 29, 2012

Loop-de-loop links

So I was gonna write about The Master today, but I've pushed it back (again) because Vija wants to see it next weekend, and maybe some of our friends too (don't know for sure yet). Getting kinda anxious, I admit, but hey, I've waited this long...

Is it madness to write about movies for 1000 days in a row (and counting)? Not if you're Ryan.

The Lady Eve spotlights Mickey Rooney on the occasion of his recent birthday. (I had no idea he's made so many movies.)

I have not become "the movie guy" to my friends yet (mostly because I've been "the cartoonist guy" for a lot longer), but John's post about the perils of being one still rings true to me.

Raquelle saw The Birds re-release and was not freaked out.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a really short story. Nevertheless, it has a long and distinguished history in film and other media.

In Contention has your Best Picture Oscar scorecard for this season.


  1. Thanks for the plug Rich! While I wonder when I'll sit one out and bring this streak to a close, I'm constantly encouraged by passionate writers like yourself who inspire me and keep me hungry for more.

  2. I could never do my blog the way you do yours. I need breaks. The fact that you don't, especially when your blog is all you, is mind-boggling to me. BTW, I never thanked you for linking to my 500th post comic strip. I appreciate it.


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