Saturday, September 15, 2012

Masterful links

Not a whole lot to say this time round. On the Facebook page, I put up my schedule of films for Urbanworld next week, but I forgot to take after-show Q-and-As into account - another opportunity for pictures, not to mention behind-the-scenes information, so I may have to adjust it again. Also, it looks like the 70mm version of The Master will play at the Ziegfeld. I went there on Tuesday thinking I could get a ticket in advance, only I didn't realize Tuesday was an exclusive advance screening. I can't begin to express how excited I am for this. I've never seen a 70mm film before.

Slightly off-topic: NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg gets his large soda ban approved by the city board of health.

Jacqueline has an informative piece that looks at how classic film stars felt about evolving film trends in sex and violence.

Pam on the divide between modern special effects and older ones.

No surprise that Grease is one of Alex's all time favorite movies.

Despite the total financial failure of the recent kiddie movie The Oogieloves, I personally respect the filmmakers for attempting something new. Here's a review in which the writer saw it with her toddler child.

What's the big deal about the apocalypse sub-genre in general and zombies in particular?

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