Friday, October 13, 2017

A Rita Hayworth Primer

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Section 1: Vocabulary



pin-up..........modelo fotográfica


atomic bomb..........bomba atómica



to dance..........bailar

to sing..........cantar

to marry (five times)..........casarse cinco veces

to act..........actuar

to dye (blonde)..........teñir rubio

Section 2: Multiple Choice

1. Rita's real name was Margarita Cansino.
El verdadero __________ de Rita era Margarita Cansino.
(A) título
(B) nido
(C) nombre
(D) palabra

2. Fred Astaire said Rita was his favorite dance partner.

Fred Astaire __________ que Rita era su compañera de baile favorita.
(A) gritado
(B) espiado
(C) presunto
(D) dijo

3. "Gilda" premiered at the first Cannes Film Festival.

"Gilda" se __________ en el primer Festival de Cine de Cannes.
(A) estrenó
(B) besado
(C) brilló
(D) trabajó

4. Rita made movies at Fox and Columbia.
Rita __________ peliculas en Fox y Columbia.
(A) gastado
(B) hizo
(C) creció
(D) engañado

5. Rita died of Alzheimer's disease in 1987.
Rita murió de la __________ de Alzheimer en 1987.
(A) estornudo
(B) balada
(C) enfermedad
(D) sueño

Section 3: Fill In The Blank

1. Rita's father taught movie stars how to dance in his studio.
El padre de Rita enseñó a las __________ comó bailar en su estudio.

2. Howard Hawks put Rita in "Only Angels Have Wings" at the urging of Columbia head Harry Cohn.

Howard Hawks puso a Rita en "Only Angels Have Wings" a __________ del jefe de Columbia Harry Cohn.

3. Rita was married to Orson Welles for four years and had a daughter by him.

Rita __________ con Orson Welles durante cuatro años y tuvo una hija de el.

4. Rita owned a filly while she was married to Prince Aly Khan of Pakistan.

Rita era dueña de __________ mientras estaba casada con el príncipe Aly Khan de Pakistan.

5. Rita argued with Columbia over films and sued to be released from her contract in 1955.

Rita discutió con Columbia sobre peliculas y demandó para __________ de su contrato en 1955.

Provide Spanish subtitles for the following video clip.

Check your answers in the back of the book.

Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro
Ricardo Montalban


  1. Google Translate made it easy.

  2. What a creative hoot! This provided just the smiles I needed. Thanks so much for this, Rich!


    1. It's getting harder to think of formats I've never done before, but the idea for this one came fairly quick. So glad you approve.

  3. Even though my Spanish is practically non-existent, I really enjoyed this Primer! Well done.

    Also, I love that clip from "The Shawshank Redemption" you posted. I'd forgotten they watched "Gilda" in that film. That's a nice tie-in.

  4. Wouldn't be complete without it.

  5. As we used to say in Spanish class: ja ja . Very amusing post - and lots of Rita can only bring happiness in any language!

  6. I wasn't going for humor, but hey, I'm glad you found it funny.


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