Saturday, March 23, 2013

City Mouse Makes a Movie #11

Previously: Nadine, the leading lady in CM's movie, makes it plain to CM that she sees his movie as a springboard to revive her sagging television career.


I actually have an idea for a completely silent City Mouse story, though it doesn't have anything to do with the movies. I'm not sure if that'll be my next CM strip after this one or not. I have two ideas for my follow-up: one with the working title "City Mouse In Love" which would take place entirely in NYC and introduce an all-new, New York-specific cast, including pigeons, squirrels, rats, and other animals real-life New Yorkers see every day. On the other hand, I have the shorter silent story, which would be a bit more of a challenge to me, I think, because outside of this week's chapter, I've done very few silent strips in my life. I tend to be kinda wordy. (Perhaps you've noticed.) Which would you rather see me do next?

The 2013 Lammy Awards are underway at the LAMB website, and this year I'm entering "City Mouse Makes a Movie" into the competition under the Best Running Feature category. If you're a LAMB and you like this strip, please do me the favor of nominating it. I'm convinced I'm doing something unique and special here and some official recognition would go a long way. Thanks. 

By the way, I'm spending this weekend doing a photo shoot with CM and Collie for a FYC ad that you'll see here at WSW next week. Collie recently bought a bunch of old She-Hulk comic books for some reason, and the last time I saw her she was flipping through them furiously. I suspect she's got some big idea for this photo shoot that she's gonna try and talk me into. And you know how she is once she's got her mind set on something...

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