Saturday, February 2, 2013

City Mouse Makes a Movie #5

Previously: Collie has found a mystery investor willing to fund City Mouse's film.

One thing I never took into consideration when I decided to make a series about funny animals is that it meant having to DRAW funny animals! My inclination is to stay in the neighborhood of dogs and cats and mice and rabbits, although every once in awhile I'll throw in something like a giraffe

The first time I put Columbus mayor Mike Coleman in a strip, I panicked because I knew I had to anthropomorphize him like everyone else, but he also had to be recognizable to the average Columbus reader, too, so I ended up settling for a snout and ears atop his head and called it a day. The same thing happened with other local celebrities in Columbus and New York that have appeared in the strip.

Variety in my funny animal characters is a problem I continue to struggle with (though it's never a problem when I draw humans). I did one strip about a dog park in which I drew a variety of dogs, so it's not like I can't inject any diversity into the strip. I think perhaps I'm more worried that they'll look sillier than I want them to be, or that their looks will be inappropriate for the role they play. 

Mr. Gillis is, more or less, a rabbit, but I wanted him to have a very specific look as well, although I probably shouldn't reveal why at this stage because it has to do with a sub-textual theme I'm trying to sneak into the story. You may have already figured it out, though (especially you classic movie lovers).

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