Monday, May 14, 2012

For your consideration: LAMMYs 2012

So it's that time of year again where all of us LAMBs shill for the LAMMY Awards, and I am no exception. This is my second year doing this, and I'm aiming a little higher this year now that I've more or less established myself. The categories I'm gunning for are as follows:

- Best Reviewer. As it says right there at the top of the sidebar, this isn't a film review blog and I don't write traditional reviews. However, it's obvious that I do write about movies, after a fashion, and since there's no "Best Writer" category, I'm choosing to compete in this category regardless. You can go through the archives if you like, but I have conveniently arranged some choice selections from the blog on the "favorites" page. Click on that to read some of the posts that best represent this blog.

- Best Running Feature. The Wide Screen World Roundtable is, I believe, one of the strongest elements of the blog, in large part because of the generous participation of my fellow LAMBs. I've moved the links to the Roundtable to the top of the "editorial" page, so just click on that and it'll take you straight to them.

- Best Festival Coverage. My time spent covering both the Urbanworld and the Queens World Film Festivals were among the best times I had in the history of this blog. I've written reviews and taken pictures from both festivals, and you can see them by clicking on the links here.

Here's where you vote. Thanks for your support, fellow LAMBs.

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