Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five actors I'd want for the movie of my life

C'mon, who among us hasn't thought about this at one point or another in their lives? Especially as film fans? We're all movie stars in our own minds, and I'd say it's perfectly natural for anyone born into a culture that reveres and craves celebrity as much as ours to dream that one day their lives will be worthy of making into a movie. I mean, my god, reality television alone has made "stars" out of the stupidest people imaginable, so anything's possible, right? Or so goes the fantasy.

Me, I don't flatter myself into thinking my life's worthy of a movie. It's just a dream - but I do like playing casting director with my friends. I do it all the time. Just last week, in fact, after I saw Young Adult, I told my friend Dave that he looked just like Patton Oswalt. (He didn't think there was a resemblance, but I say there is. Trust me.)

Hollywood movies and TV shows, naturally, are the most well-known frame of reference; your level of knowledge of foreign films might lead you to conclude that your friend Rajiv may look like a certain Bollywood star, but he may or may not know that himself. So if you should decide to play casting director, do it with caution!

I could extend this casting call to friends and family members, but since you don't know them, nor what they look like, that'd probably be a waste of time (though I did recently suggest that Marisa Tomei could play Andi). Of course, you don't know what I look like either, but these five actors should at least give you a general impression.

- Ice Cube. For looks if nothing else, although the resemblance isn't that great. Among the vast amount of rappers turned actors, he's no Will Smith, but I liked him in Barber Shop, and of course, he'll forever be part of the great Boyz N The Hood, a film which celebrated its twentieth anniversary this year.

- Mekhi Phifer. Loved him in Clockers and Soul Food. Thought for awhile that he was gonna become a breakout star. It didn't quite happen, but at least he had a nice run on ER. And of course he's been forever immortalized in song thanks to Eminem.

- Omar Epps. He and I actually went to the same high school at the same time, though I didn't know him. I remember feeling a surge of pride when Juice came out. Another ER alumnus, he's apparently on House now, but I perhaps remember him best in Scream 2.

- Chiwetel Ejiofor. I don't even know how to pronounce his name, but I know that I've liked him in whatever I've seen him in, especially Children of Men. Younger than I thought - only 34. I thought he was much older. Sooner or later someone's gonna put him in a film that's gonna make him a star (though it probably won't be my hypothetical one).

- Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Sentimental choice. When I recently saw ads for his new sitcom Reed Between the Lines, I was a bit stunned to see that Theo Huxtable is old enough to play a husband and father. Where does the time go? Never liked him with the dreads! Thank god he got rid of them. The best part is that Regina King could play my sister!

So who would you want to star in the movie of your life?


  1. This topic actually smacks of a blog-a-thon, and not only because I'd need some lead time to think about it.

  2. I think the best way to any movie of like is to steal the "I'm Not There" model. Then play with Movie Magic.

    Me: Oliver Platt,
    Viggo Mortensen (this is the actor most people seem to think I look like purely from a face standpoint, ignoring my girth)
    Corey Feldman
    Matthew Broderick

    are some of the folks I see who could play me.

    There are three actors who I think could easily play you from visual style and also capture your various nuances of personality.

    Reginald VelJohnson
    Charles S. Dutton
    Anthony Anderson

  3. Well, if you're using the 'I'm Not There' model, then yeah, I suppose that would work. Actually, with you I keep imagining Nick Frost, assuming he could do an American accent. I'll take Anthony Anderson, but VelJohnson and Dutton are a bit too old, don't you think?

  4. I really like your choices. They are all talented and handsome actors. I, too, believe that Chiwetel Ejiofor should be a big star.

    People tell me (and I pretty much get it and agree) that based on looks and past performances, Janeane Garofalo would be a good choice to play me in a movie.

    It's fun thinking about who would play my family and friends. I may have to post about that sometime. Thanks for the food for thought. :)

  5. Looks like I may have started something. And to think this was just a last-minute idea!

  6. Frost's American accent sucks. His attitude about his comfortably with his body definitely goes with mine though.

    Dutton and VelJohnson are a bit old, but not by much and there is this thing called Movie Magic. They can de-age people as easily as they age them.

    One can also worry more about an actor capturing the inherent personality of someone and less an appearance thing.

    Like in terms of that for me, it'd take Ben Stiller to understand my combination of quirks.

    I think Don Cheadle would work for all your various intricacies.

  7. Dutton can be future-me. How's that?

    I like to think that my choices are a combination of appearance and the ability to capture my 'inherent personality,' such as it is.

  8. This is an awesome idea. And I agree with Alan- this would make a killer blog-a-thon.

    Who'd play me? You'd have to fatten him up a bit, but AJ Bowen would be in the right ballpark- the black stocking cap guy from House of the Devil, The Signal, basically any good low-budget underrated horror of the last 5 years. The first time I saw him in The Signal, my very first reaction was "That's the dude that would play me in a movie".

  9. If you say so. I've never seen either of those movies.


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