Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Five film blogs I've been reading lately

Okay, the truth is that I'm stuck for a topic this week. I thought about complaining about the new Facebook changes, but I'm sure you've heard plenty of that from your friends already, so I figured, why not give a shout out to some fellow film bloggers who have caught my eye in recent months. I read a lot of film blogs and websites, so this is by no means a complete list. Some are LAMBs, some aren't, but all have a certain something to them...

- Sunset Gun. I had never heard of Kim Morgan prior to the day a few months ago when I chanced upon her blog, but it turns out she's been in the biz as a film critic and historian for quite awhile. I like her writing style and respect her great knowledge of cinema. She seems like the type whom you'd talk movies with at the cafe down the street from the theater, from which you've come after meeting her at the Film Noir retrospective playing there. A strong fervor for movies and a life lived with them comes through in her writing.

- The Lady Eve's Reel Life. A little more on the scholarly side, but that's perfectly fine, because Eve's posts are like small essays, remarkably articulate, thoughtful and packed with insight.

- Tales of the Easily Distracted. I don't know how to be funny when I write. I've tried, but I can never get it the way I want it to sound, which is why bloggers like Dorian and Vinnie make me jealous because they do it so naturally. Though they only post once a week or so, they bring a lively, welcoming and lighthearted approach to their blog and to the movies they write about, which run the gamut from the classics to the cult.

- The United Provinces of Ivanlandia. This guy indulges in all manner of bizarro, far-left-of-center films. Don't let the flashy style fool you; he's real smart about movies.

- justAtad. Remember that piece on the Star Wars Blu-ray DVDs I linked to a few weeks ago? That was this guy. He's a Toronto blogger, and I'm slowly realizing that Toronto bloggers have got it going on.

So there you are.


  1. Not a bad topic at all Rich. I shall give those a visit :)

  2. Well then maybe I'll do it again sometime.

  3. And thanks for the link, here as well. Glad you're enjoying my writing.


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