Tuesday, March 9, 2021


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By Rich Watson 

Ten and a half years ago, I started this blog. That’s a fair-sized chunk of my life. What began as an exercise in journalistic writing grew into something much more. I’ve made friends as a result of WSW, gone a few different places and done a few things I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.

This blog was always meant to be a way for me to put my writing skills to good use—but now my writing goals have changed. 

If you’ve followed WSW long enough, you know I’ve struggled with becoming a fiction writer. I’ve had a novel manuscript for seven of those ten-plus years and you’re probably as sick of hearing me talk about it as I am with rewriting it, but I’m closer to done now than I ever have been. I want to pitch it to a publisher. I want to build a career off of it. I wanna try at the least.

Which is why I’m starting a new blog. By Rich Watson will be where I take everything I’ve learned about blogging to the next level. It won’t look like WSW, but I like to think the feel will remain. I hope you’ll join me.

The movie industry has changed dramatically as a result of The Virus. Streaming services have multiplied and frankly, there are way too many of them out there to keep up with. I’m missing out on new movies I could’ve and would’ve seen had the theaters not closed. 

The theaters here in New York are back now, which is good, but even so, a part of me feels like I may have lost my mojo for film blogging. Too much has changed too quickly, but even if that weren’t true, I don’t want to maintain two blogs, nor do I want to stick to the oldies format for this one.

So I’m afraid this is a wrap.

To everyone I thanked at my tenth anniversary party, consider yourself thanked again, in addition to a few more shout-outs: Don & Katha Cato at the Queens World Film Festival, the LAMB movie blogger collective, my guest bloggers Andrea McEnaney and Maria Ramos, and most of all—you. 

Because you helped make WSW possible.

And that means a lot.

Thanks for reading.

Rich Watson
Queens, New York


  1. Paraphrasing Bob Ross, Every day is a good day when you write. WSW served its purpose well and we are happy to move forward with you.

  2. Best wishes Rich, on your new blog and your writing career.

  3. Good luck Rich, and hope it all goes as planned with this exciting news! Thanks for joining my blogathons, your support and hope to see you around Twitter!

  4. Thanks everyone. This isn’t completely goodbye—besides my new blog, you’ll see me on yours from time to time, whenever I have something to say, plus movies and TV will remain part of the agenda on the new blog. Consider this a change of focus.

  5. Rich! Congrats on an amazing run with Wide Screen World! I really love this blog, and look forward to your new one. I've fallen behind on blog reading in general, but the good news there is that I always have WSW posts to look back on and enjoy, as well as following along your new journey. You are one of the handful of people who I came across while blogging who I have to remind myself that I didn't know before bumping into them in the blogiverse. I don't remember exactly when I started following you here, but I'm very glad that I did.

    After all of these years, I can tell you one thing--I still freaking love movies!

    Onward and upward!

  6. After many busy days, I finally read this heartfelt goodbye - or better, a see you elsewhere. It is a pleasure to know you, to read your thoughts and I wish your novel is a success. I'll keep supporting you!

  7. This is belated, Rich, but wow, this is a big change. It's bittersweet, isn't it? Good luck on your new blog!


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