Saturday, December 1, 2018


So I spent my Thanksgiving morning freezing my ass off as I ran through Flushing Meadow Park.

Why? I dunno, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

For the past month, I had trained for running in a 5k race. I had mentioned to Virginia recently how it was a long-time fantasy of mine to run in a marathon. Failing that, though, I would settle for something simpler, like a 5k. I was just talking idly; not being serious.

So she found online a month-long training program specifically designed to prepare one for a 5k and sent it to me. I looked it over and figured what the hell. If nothing else, I would do it for her.

Race conditions are very different from training by oneself. I didn't hear the starting signal on account of the host's microphone not working well.

When everyone took off, I was conscious of this being A Race for the first time. My head was in the wrong place and I ran like I was competing, which was all wrong for me. Plus, the course began with a steep-ish hill. It took me awhile to focus and settle into a pace.

I tried keeping up with these two women with whom I played leapfrog: I passed them, then they passed me, and so on. Near the end, they passed me and stayed ahead. I wanted to catch them one last time, but I came up short. That's okay, though. I still beat my previous time by a minute!

I spent the evening with Virginia and friends in Manhattan — a "Friendsgiving," I guess. It was one hell of a day overall.


Once again, look for my piece on Anthony Mann & John Alton in the next issue of the film noir newsletter The Dark Pages, due out December 20.

Writing the article was a real education. I learned more about noir in general than I knew before, particularly by watching the movies. I plan to write about some of the ones I watched here, so look for that.


Real life has delayed Anna's guest post. It's been pushed back to this month.

More after the jump.


Looks like I won't even crack 100 posts this year. Sorry about that, but the novel, y'know. I'm sure I'll wrap it up soon. Next comes the editing stage, where I look for spelling and punctuation errors. I may get some help on that one.

Also, I've found someone to beta read the whole thing, and Sandi may beta read it too. I'm eager to send it out to agents, but I gotta make sure it's in tip-top shape first. Can't rush the process.

Just a few links this month:

On her Medium page, Le reviews a recently restored Orson Welles film.

Jacqueline hearts Underdog.

Sherlock Holmes in the time of World War 2? Paddy writes about it.

The Paramount Ranch, site of a number of past and present TV show sets, was destroyed in the recent California wildfires.

A 90-year-old Disney cartoon that predates Mickey Mouse was discovered in Japan.

What makes Vincent van Gogh the subject of so many films?

Finally, here's a little something Sandi and I took part in after we saw Fantastic Beasts 2. Not that I plan on seeing Aquaman, but we thought it was fun...


  1. Aha! Take that, you arch rival! Looks like fun indeed. I kinda have an old fondness for Aquaman, but the trailer didn't thrill me and I'm stuck in my ways and rather on the broke side. Probably will hold off on that one.

    Thanks again for the shout-out and all the cool reading to get my day started.

    Still can't get over that marathon business. Running? Wow. Just like on Doctor Who.

  2. Did the Doctor run a marathon?

    1. The Doctor and his companions are always running because there is always somebody or something chasing them. It's exhausting!

  3. Thnaks for adding my piece on The Oter Side of the Wind! And many congratulations on running 5K - I got tired only of imagining it!


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