Monday, April 2, 2018

Infinite links

Lynn discovered a website for something called New Plaza Cinema, and it looks like it's built from the ashes of what was the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas. A group is looking to start up a new indie theater on Manhattan's Upper West Side. So far, they're still in the embryonic stage, but the fact this is in the works is encouraging.


So last month I met a multiple Emmy winner. Now I'm not sure if I should mention who it is, because of the circumstances: I met her at her home, where she and her husband host a soiree for musicians on a regular basis, but I think it's a private function. Nothing illicit went on; in fact, it was very sociable, a party, basically, but I don't know them, and I don't know how private their private lives are, so in this instance, I'm gonna play it safe. She won her Emmys for a TV show you all know and love.

Virginia invited me to this gathering. She plays an instrument called a viola da gamba (it's kinda like a cello) and she was part of a number of musicians and singers who put on a variety show, basically, playing classical music and modern compositions that sound like classical music. She also sang with a small group.

The Emmy-winning hostess has her awards on display on a shelf. I looked closely at the statuettes, but I was too afraid to touch them, since they belonged to a stranger and all. They're about a foot tall, maybe a bit more, and they're as elegant as they look. And they were the real thing.

I didn't get much of a chance to talk to the hostess about them because she was busy with other stuff, though I will say she was quite nice. Virginia has known her for awhile; they seemed really familiar with each other, as the hostess was with many of the people at the informal recital. So in my own personal Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, I can connect to some pretty famous people now...


Big thanks once again to everybody who came out and/or spread the word about the Time Travel Blogathon, and to Ruth for co-hosting with me. I knew time travel films didn't begin with The Time Machine, but there were more of them from the distant past than I realized, done in a number of ways, so this was enlightening.


A few more words about Cynthia Nixon: I think it's absolutely fair to question her qualifications for holding such a high position as governor, especially New York governor, but at the same time, she's a citizen too, and if she thinks she's got the goods, then she deserves to take a shot. I admit, I'm giving her more of the benefit of the doubt than the former TV star currently in the White House, but then she seems to actually have a brain in her head.

That said, between Nixon, the Rock, Oprah, the girl from Clueless, and who knows who else, America does seem more preoccupied than ever with celebrities either running for office or flirting with the idea at least (though we're nothing compared with countries like India). If there weren't so many precedents, I'd suspect the current president opened the floodgates somehow; I dunno.

I would feel more confident about Nixon if I knew she had experience, I admit, but I'm willing to give her a chance to prove herself worthy. She's aware of the transportation crisis in NYC (which is about more than the local subways and buses and impacts more than just the tri-state area) and says she'll make it a priority of her campaign, but it's still way too early to decide if she can win.

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Two more things: I have seen Ready Player One and I'm gonna have a whole lot to say about it — mostly good, because I liked it, but also because there are so many things related to it I wanna talk about as well.

Also, I have something special prepared for Debbie's Outer Space Blogathon next week. You're gonna want to be here for it, trust me. My post will go up on the 13th.

Lots of links this month:

Raquel talks to TCM host Ben Mankiewicz about the network's new streaming service.

Theresa reassesses Vertigo.

Jacqueline is reminded of her family and their traditions by this Buster Keaton movie.

Olivia de Havilland's lawsuit against Ryan Murphy and FX over Feud gets tossed (but she'll appeal).

In other Nixon news, she says she's opposed to the same film industry tax breaks she benefited from.

The toddler daughter of Broadway and TV actress Ruthie Ann Miles was involved in a fatal car crash in Brooklyn.

Aaron Sorkin wants to turn To Kill a Mockingbird into a play. So why is Harper Lee's estate upset?

Check out this story of senior citizens who put on a remake of Annie Hall.

A San Francisco theater hosted a dog-friendly screening of Isle of Dogs.

How did a Diego Rivera painting wind up in the movie The Post?

When comic strips inspired silent films.

And finally, much love goes out to Paddy, who celebrates ten years as a blogger.


  1. Oh, so now I know a guy who's in with the "in crowd". That's the kind of thing that happens when you start hanging with musicians.

    Garry and Janet are behind me in the living room discussing Ready Player One. Janet's explaining it! Looking forward to your Outer Space post, and a lot of these links. Thanks for making me feel special.

  2. What can I say? It's been my life's ambition to be a groupie. :-p

    RP1 is different from the book, and that may make a difference in how you view the movie. I'm sure it had to do with rights issues, but they did still capture the book's spirit.