Monday, May 1, 2017

Ye royal links

Just when I had begun getting used to arranging my Sunday nights around Feud, it ends. I know some TV shows make an entire season's worth of programming available at once, but I still believe there's something to be said for the experience of spending the week thinking about what will happen on next week's show, hurrying home in anticipation of a new episode, shutting out all potential distractions so you don't miss a thing. It seems like you appreciate a show more that way, instead of consuming an entire season in one evening or one weekend. That's too easy.

I've been drawing again. There are local Meetup groups devoted to figure drawing and outdoor sketching I've been partaking in lately. It's made me aware of the things I'm still good at and the things in which I've gotten rusty. So be it - as long as it means I can still draw. Art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Wouldn't want to give it up.

I recently downloaded a video game based on the movie Office Space. All the familiar characters in Mike Judge's comedy are there, and like the movie, the goal is to steal money from Initech, pennies at a time, so you can quit your job and retire. It's a strategy game; placing characters in critical positions, accomplishing mundane tasks that earn you game money, using that money to buy items that'll help you win.

I've played similar games, but this one seemed almost too mundane. The initial thrill of seeing scenes from the movie reenacted and familiar lines and items reproduced wore off after awhile. What's left wasn't enjoyable enough to return to again and again. A Star Trek game I downloaded was the same way (though that did at least have starship battles). Maybe other people can play these kinds of games.

Anyway, your links:

Raquel and Danny cover the TCM Film Festival.

Jennifer toured the Warner Brothers studio.

Ivan reassesses the acting career of Ronald Reagan.

Aurora gets her lunch money stolen by Butch of the Little Rascals.

Jacqueline on Feud.

Ryan Murphy and Feud cast members at a Q&A.

Was this French comic book an unacknowledged influence on Star Wars and other modern SF franchises?

The Orson Welles/FDR connection.

A new photo book contains candid photos of Old Hollywood stars as they're being made up.

If this isn't the definitive Friday the 13th franchise appreciation post, I don't know what is.

The Wonders, the fictitious pop band from the Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do, recently reunited.

Finally, a virtual hug goes out to my pal Paddy, who hit the big six-oh last month.


  1. Wow! How did I miss some of that stuff? Thanks for those links.

    Thanks for the hug. Shall I tell you a secret? The big six-oh loomed like a monster, but I don't feel like an "old lady". Things have changed since the days when Andy Hardy's folks looked like his grandparents.

  2. I hope I feel that way when I reach that milestone. I'm dreading fifty as it is!


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