Sunday, April 2, 2017

The links and the furious

Years ago, when I saw the adoration the classic film bloggers had for Robert Osborne, my first thought was a snarky one: yeah, he can read from a teleprompter really well. That was before I watched Turner Classic Movies more often. In time, I, too, got to appreciate his presence as the prime time host and public face of the network. In reading the reports from the TCM Film Festival (which will be a somber one this year, I imagine), especially from people like Raquel and Aurora, I got to understand how much he knew about film history, film preservation, and film culture, and how sharing that knowledge with others was his mission. Film fans everywhere owe him a debt of gratitude.

Thanks once again to everyone who took part in our Jack Lemmon Blogathon. I wanted to devote at least one to an actor I admire. Perhaps next year I'll do the same for an actress. Any suggestions?

Covering Feud hasn't been a problem so far. I haven't had to rearrange my schedule to accommodate the program; I get home from my writers group with time to spare. I did have to pass on a Queens World Film Festival after-party, though, which was a real bummer since Opening Night was canceled due to the snow. Oh well. I am eager to hear what you think of Feud, so let's talk about it. (BTW, I should have said this in the beginning, but in case it wasn't obvious: assume spoilers. Though I'll do my best to not give away too much.)

I'm thinking of doing another weekly series this summer, only not about a TV show. I've gotta make sure I can do it properly, but if I can, I'll let you know the details.

Yes, I, like everyone else on Planet Earth, saw the Justice League trailer, against my better judgment. (I'm sure there are a couple of Kalahari Bushmen complaining that the Flash's costume looks all wrong.) If WB insists on giving Zack Snyder the keys to the car, so be it; that doesn't necessarily mean I'm gonna let him drive me. I finally saw Batman v. Superman and it was exactly what I expected: big, loud, unsubtle. And dark. I think this movie will be more of the same. Will I see it anyway? I mean, this is the Justice League... I dunno. Ask me again this fall.

So this month: Feud continues, another blogathon, and I dunno about any new releases. The slate looks clean at the moment until Guardians 2 in May (oh boy!).

Your links:

Raquel shares her memories of the times she'd seen and met Osborne in person.

The Lady Eve plays with these classic movie star dolls.

Why doesn't Pam go to the movies much anymore?

Le provides a cinematic history of the Beauty and the Beast story.

Ivan looks at the debut film from director Robert Altman.

Aurora has a gay-all time with The Flintstones.

This obscure horror movie marked the first screen appearance of the late David Bowie.

And then there was that time when Barbara Stanwyck filled in on Jack Benny's radio show.

A film came out last year that re-imagined the life and career of director Fritz Lang.

Which living authors have the most film adaptations?


  1. Justice League trailer? Boy, way to make a human feel out of the loop. Nonetheless, I am in another loop because I recognized Toretto and Hobbs. Janet caught me up on the earlier movies and made me watch the later ones. We have a quid pro quo movie sharing system. I made her watch two from Harold Lloyd.

  2. Okay, I guess almost everyone on Planet Earth saw the trailer then. Not that you're missing a great deal. It looks exactly like Snyder's other DC movies.

    I'm sure Janet dug Harold Lloyd.

    1. OK. Checked it out. I'm a snap judgment trailer watcher. I suppose dark and loud must work for some people or they wouldn't keep doing it. Doesn't work for me.

      Yep. Janet and Lloyd are a match.

  3. Oh, I'm a snap judgment trailer watcher too. As much as they give away in trailers these days, it ain't hard!


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