Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Suicide links

I was gonna write this month about the new Star Trek series, Discovery, but the news out of Comic-Con was less than I expected. Bryan Fuller says he wants to "strike new ground" with this show, and I believe him. I just wish he was doing it on regular TV and not some special subscription service. Bibi and I talked about Discovery briefly when I saw Beyond with her and Eric, and she's not thrilled about having to pay to see it either. No point in complaining about it now, I guess. I'll watch the free premiere episode and after that... I dunno.

In the meantime, we got the 30 Days of Star Trek coming up here next month. This is gonna be a real challenge, blogging 30 consecutive posts. I've already started writing the first week and a half's worth, and I'm trying to limit what I want to say, but sometimes it's hard. And now I just signed up for a blogathon that happens the first weekend of October, so I gotta make sure I leave time for that too. Oy! But at least I know you're out there reading. July's pageview count was the third-highest in WSW history. Thank you, again. I hope I can keep you guys interested.

Last Wednesday, the 27th, I saw Dog Day Afternoon at Riverside Park's Pier 1 (the hostess kept calling it Pier I as in eye), but I'm not gonna devote a post to it - too many other things I wanna get to before September - but I figure I'll mention it here. Still a great movie, as if there was any doubt. There was this European (I think) couple in front of me who must have thought this was a romantic comedy, because they couldn't stop kissing, before and during the movie. I had to move up front so I wouldn't have to look at them. Weird.

Your links:

Paddy connects the dots between two great Hollywood actresses and one great stage actress, Shirley Booth.

Le explains why she relates to the movie Freaks.

Danny reviews an interesting book about film marketing in the studio era.

Ivan writes about Gene Roddenberry's pre-Star Trek show, The Lieutenant.

And keeping the Trek theme going, Jennifer describes what Dr. McCoy means to her as a Southerner.

Pam digs Astoria's own Christopher Walken.

Check out this tag-team "jam" short story written by a number of notable film bloggers, starring Cary Grant, Mae West, and other Hollywood Golden Agers.

An update on the ongoing restoration of the Loew's Jersey City theater.


  1. I know you'll reach your goals and that is inspiring.

  2. That's really kind of you to say. Thanks.


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