Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Teenage mutant ninja links

Summer is around the corner, and after an unusually cold spring, warm weather will be especially welcome this year - and thatmeans iit's time for outdoor movies. The ones I've picked out this year are mostly ones I've seen before, but that's okay. One notable exception will play Brooklyn Bridge Park in July: It Happened One Night. Never seen that one. Aurora and me are hoping to make an outing ofit with friends, which would be real nice. Just as long as it ddoesn't rain! Speaking of whom, our Athletes in Film Blogathon is coming this weekend, so stay tuned for that.

Not much else to say this month, so here are your links:

Ryan ponders the age old movies-vs.books debate.

Le traces the history, in movies and TV, of the archetypal top-hat-wearing, mustache-twirling villain.

Aurora has love for the cartoon bad guy Wile E. Coyote.

I don't entirely disagree with this alternate take on Purple Rain.

Five stories from one blogger about favorite movie moments.

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