Monday, May 23, 2016

Born Yesterday

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Born Yesterday
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The "Born Yesterday" Happy Holliday Ice Cream - a recipe

Blues got you down? Pick yourself up by making this delightful confection guaranteed to put a smile back on your face! You won't have to worry about watching your waistline with this fabulous flavor, either - it contains zero calories, is fat-free, all-natural and tastes great! Here's what you'll need:

1 quart Judy Holliday, actress
1 quart William Holden, actor
1 quart Broderick Crawford, actor
2 cups Garson Kanin & Albert Mannheimer, writers
1 cup George Cukor, director

Take Holliday and let simmer in a variety of 40s stage plays and bit parts in films. Add Kanin and mix into his Broadway play Born Yesterday, about the ditzy fiancée of uncultured businessman who gets an education in life and love from Washington, DC reporter. Run for 1,642 performances from 1946-48. 

Gently remove Holliday from Broadway and place back in Hollywood for supporting role in Hepburn/Tracy comedy Adam's Rib. Collect rave reviews.

Sprinkle in Cukor evenly and adapt Born Yesterday for big screen for him to direct. Carefully pour in Kanin and Mannheimer to write screenplay. Add Holden and Crawford to play the two male leads and fill out supporting cast and crew. Shake well and serve.

I like to serve myself a helping of Born Yesterday whenever I'm in the mood to enjoy a great big scoop of my favorite comedic actress. I've talked before about why I love Holliday so much - her comic timing, her gift for mimickry, her singing ability, her looks - and while I find it a great tragedy that she died so young (only 43!), I'm also amazed that she made such a strong impact in the brief time we had her.

She won the Best Actress Oscar for this film, beating, among others, acting heavyweights Bette Davis and Gloria Swanson in iconic, larger-than-life roles, and while you can argue one way or another whether or not she deserved to win, there's no denying she deserved to be in the running. Give this cinematic treat a taste today!


  1. Hi Rich. Great recipe for curing the blues. The only thing about this movie that depresses me is that Judy Holliday died so young. And who would have thought Broderick Crawford could be so funny?

    1. I haven't seen him in any other films, so I guess I'll take your word for that. I can easily imagine him in "heavy"-type roles, though - maybe in gangster pictures or things like that.

  2. Wonderful, Rich! I'm always amazed by how creative you are. This was an unusual and fun way to review a film!
    Don't forget to read my contribution to the blogathon! :)

  3. Thanks! It took me a long time to think of something unique for this post, something I hadn't done before, and then one day the thought of doing it as a recipe came to me. Seemed appropriate, what with the ice cream theme and all.

  4. You are my favourite chef!

    The lessons in "Born Yesterday" remain so pertinent to life as we know it. Yet that is a side dish. The main entree is the delightful Miss Holliday.

  5. And it's not even like I went to cooking school...


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