Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Liebster hat trick

Thank you, Paddy, for this latest incarnation of the beloved and well-traveled Liebster Award (my third), and let me take this moment to say how much you and your blog have meant to me in the almost-five years I've been doing this. I consider you an inspiration as well as a friend, and I'm deeply grateful for all you do, so thanks for just being around.

Okay, enough of that sappy stuff! Let's answer Paddy's questions...

1.  What is your favourite book? I can't pick one. But if I had to pick one, today I'll go with Ball Four by Jim Bouton.

2.  Who is your desert island director? Why? That's easy.

3.  If you had a choice, would you live in the past or the future? Definitely the future, so I can live on the moon and have all the cheese I want.

4.  Who is your favourite performer to lip-sync to? Whichever one whose songs I know all the lyrics to.

5.  Cats, dogs or lizards?

 Does he count as a lizard?

6.  Where do you get the majority of your news? Print? Television? Online? Definitely online.

7.  Which juror are you in 12 Angry Men? Probably the guy who was eager to make it to the ballgame.

8.  Your favourite holiday? Why? New Year's Eve, I guess, because it's an excuse to stay out late and party.

9.  Do you play a musical instrument? Sing? As a matter of fact, I played keyboard in high school. Fancied myself the next Billy Joel, but I only wrote a couple of forgettable songs and did a lot of covers. I leave the singing to my sister.

10. What are the first three films you would induct into your personal Film Registry? You mean my Blue Ribbon films, perhaps? I dunno. Pick three from there.

11.  Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi?

"We come to him for help, and he tries to shake us down. Besides, he said I looked like Boris Karloff!"

I did this last time, so I'm gonna try it again: here are eleven statements about me. Only three of them are true. Guess all three and win a cookie!

- Back in college, I once dyed my hair blonde after losing a bet. No, you may not see the pictures.
- I jog for about a couple of hours on the weekends. That's about the most I can manage!
- I saw someone get shot in my neighborhood last year.
- I played a chess grandmaster once and almost beat him!
- I can't snap, no matter how hard I try.
- I met Susan Sarandon in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
- I "owned" a car for about two weeks and drove it deep into Nassau County once, even though I don't have a driver's license!
- I've recently started eating french fries with mayo. Better than I thought!
- While living in Columbus, I lectured to a high school art class.
- I recently joined a second writing group, one devoted to genre material.
- My sister is going on an audition for The Voice next month.

Any takers? No one solved the previous one, either...


  1. Is that nice - to write that sappy stuff when you know how mushy I am?

    "Ball Four"? Every once in a while when I don't understand what my husband is talking about I realize he is, once again, quoting Jim Boulton. It is definitely a "guy's thing".

    Yep. Lizard.

    They really should put you in charge of the Naitonal Registry.

    Only my fondness for cookies will make me attempt to guess which three are true. Damn, you're a good liar.

    I've recently started eating french fries with mayo. Better than I thought!
    - While living in Columbus, I lectured to a high school art class.
    - I recently joined a second writing group, one devoted to genre material.

  2. Two right, one wrong!

    In defense of BALL FOUR, while a lot of it is locker room humor, it was the kind that had never been revealed in sports biographies before, and in the process, it destroyed a lot of sacred cows about the game that had been perpetuated for years, mostly by Major League Baseball itself. As a result, Bouton got ostracized by his peers for a long time. Mostly, though, it's just a story about believing in yourself. And pounding Budweisers.

    And I woudn't say all that sappy stuff if it wasn't true. :-)

  3. Aaaagh! If I don't get my next blog post written it will be because I can't stop fixated on which two were right and which one was wrong, and it will be all your fault.

  4. But at least the odds are in your favor!

    1. PS: Sappy stuff back at ya'.

      PPS: I grinned all day when you favorited the Jimmy Darren birthday tweet.

  5. One day I'll have to look at some of his other stuff... like GIDGET and TIME TUNNEL. I know he makes occasional appearances at Trek cons. Still looks good.


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