Friday, May 29, 2015

FOL wins court battle w/Jersey City! UPDATED

UPDATE 5.30.15: From last night at the Loew's: Friends of the Loew's head Colin Egan tells the audience the good news. Yes, it's a crappy video, but there's nothing wrong with the audio. Yes, that's me woo-ing.

This is a win for the little guys, and no matter how the Jersey Journal chooses to spin it, this will only benefit the Loew's and Jersey City in the long-term - if Mayor Fulop works with FOL. Egan made it clear, both last night and in his FOL statement, that he's willing to let bygones be bygones, because what ultimately counts is the future of this grand, magnificent theater, that has the potential to be a marvelous entertainment hub for the tri-state area. We know that FOL's vision for the Loew's is as a non-profit institution that will serve the needs of the community in addition to bringing in the big-ticket concerts. We know that the non-profit model is one that has been proven to work in cities all across America. If Jersey City works with FOL, they can have the best of both worlds. If the theater's future matters to Mayor Fulop, he'll do what's best for it. He has no choice now.

I'll have more about last night when I write about the movie I saw, Sleeper, next week.

UPDATE: From Friends of the Loew's' official statement: They're ready to sit down with Mayor Stephen Fulop and work with him on a mutually beneficial plan that will improve the theater for everyone. Will post direct links tomorrow morning when I'm in front of my laptop again!

Via the Jersey Journal: Hudson County judge rules that the lease between Friends of the Loew's and Jersey City 'is a contract. The parties are bound by that contract.' FOL is in charge till February 2020. I'm in Hoboken right now and will head down to the Loew's tonight for a movie, so I'll have more to follow. STAY TUNED.

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