Monday, March 2, 2015

Erin go link!

"Some things a man doesn't get over so easy... like the sight
of a girl coming through the fields with the sun on her hair..."
So this month, we've got the CinemaScope Blogathon with Becky, and once again I wanna thank everyone who's joining us. I'm absolutely thrilled at the turnout. Check Becky's blog within the next couple of days for an update, which will include the HUGE list of contributors! UPDATE 3.3.15: And here it is!

Also, I'll return to the Queens World Film Festival, which is longer than it's ever been this year, which must mean there's more good movies to choose from! 

In addition, I'm gonna try to include some genre pics, to break away from the straight comedies and dramas.

Your links for this month:

On the Tumblr page, I linked to a Kickstarter campaign from Kino Lorber to put together a 4-disc compilation of early black cinema. Fritzi interviews one of the producers of this noteworthy project.

Danny gave a lecture about pre-code films in Japan! (Which isn't as unusual as it sounds because he actually lives there.)

Ruth saw Sunset Boulevard for the first time.

Leah from Cary Grant Won't Eat You would much rather have the Oscars start earlier.

Pam reviews a recent movie featuring newly-minted Oscar winner JK Simmons.

Are these the 20 most seductive scenes in classic film?

Silent movies can open your mind!

A brief history of blackface in film. (Warning: this post contains a pic of Bing Crosby in blackface. Not for the faint of heart.)


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