Monday, December 1, 2014

The links will come out... TOMORROW

MAJOR BLOG-RELATED ANNOUNCEMENT THIS TUESDAY. This is big, folks, big enough to require a separate post, because it concerns the direction of the blog for 2015. I highly recommend you come back here for it tomorrow. Not kidding.

December 17! That's when the launch party for the next issue of Newtown Literary comes out, the one including my short story, "Airplanes." That's later than I expected, but that's okay; I'm just glad it's gonna be out there at last. It's not like I expect to be discovered by a publisher or anything, but it feels like a progressive step forward for me. 

Another step has been me joining a local writing group here in Queens. We meet on Sundays. We spend an hour writing, about anything in general, and afterwards, we critique work that's been submitted by members. These people seem fairly committed to writing. The analyses they give are quite detailed at times.

In other news, I've already started writing the second draft of my novel, although in  a sense, it feels more like a first draft. The basic story idea was salvaged from my NaNoWriMo draft last year, but it's been greatly expanded on to the point where it's almost a different story, but not quite. I hope to submit a piece of it to my writers group for analysis sometime within the next month or so.

Regarding the WSW collection, I'm no longer sure whether or not releasing it as an e-book is right for me. I'm pondering other options at the moment, so consider it on hold until I decide how I want to release it.

Your final link round-up for 2014:

Winding down her year of Ann Blyth, Jacqueline goes into the actress' singing career.

The modern silent film Blancanieves, a Spanish take on Snow White, was one I wanted to see but missed. Le did not miss it however, and in this post she compares it to an old Snow White silent film. (Google Translate required.)

Dorian salutes the fine character actress Agnes Moorehead.

Ryan saw Dear White People and has nothing to say about it.

Spotlight on TCM host Robert Osborne.

What was "Smell-o-Vision" and why did it fail as a cinematic gimmick?

Now that the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has dropped, it's as good a time as any to reflect on why the Star Wars franchise has succeeded the way it has.

The Hollywood Film Awards get a lot of hate and scorn, but is it possible that they're good for something?

Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson looks back on what went right - and wrong - in the history of his involvement with the film franchise.


  1. "...and has nothing to say about it" Love it, thanks man, and congrats on the short story getting published!

  2. Thanks. I totally get where you're coming from with regard to DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, but I like to think that it's the kind of movie that should invite a dialogue between open-minded people, and you have always struck me as open-minded with regard to film. Maybe you could come back in, say a year, and talk about it further?

  3. Wonderful, Rich!
    1- Congratulations on getting a story published!
    2- Thank you so much for highlighting my review of Blancanieves (go watch it, you won't regret)
    3- Now I'm excited to see what is the big announcement...

  4. Rich, thanks for including my post for AGNES MOORHEAD for the WHAT A CHARACTER Blogathon! You're a gent! :-D


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