Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We're gonna need a bigger shelf...

I'm starting to feel like Daniel Day-Lewis with all of these awards! Thank you, Kellee, for this latest laurel, the Versatile Blogger Award. I certainly like to think WSW is a versatile blog. I've tried many different kinds of posts and ongoing features; some have worked, some haven't. As long as I know you guys are out there reading, and (hopefully) appreciating what I do, then I'm a happy camper. (You'll pardon me if I don't pass this award on to fifteen other bloggers, though.)

As for the usual list of fun facts about Moi that you can drop at your next film festival after-party, well, let's change things up a bit. I'll tell you seven more things about me, alright... but only two of them are true! See if you can guess which ones they are:

1.  At summer camp in 1995, we had a "lip-synch night," and me and this other counselor both performed songs by Seal back to back! Neither of us realized it until the show started, but it wasn't a contest, so we were cool about it to each other. If I recall correctly, he lip-synched to "Dreaming in Metaphors" while I lip-synched "Don't Cry." I went on after him, though, so I got more applause!

2. At a comic con in North Carolina back in 2003, there was this fan who mistook me for comics and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie - and I, feeling impish, lied and said I was. I fed him all this BS about Justice League Unlimited, which he totally bought. I even said there was a two-part episode in the works which would guest-star Space Ghost!

3. My older sister Lynne and I shared a bedroom during childhood. She had this really huge, comfy pillow on her bed that she was very protective of. One night, when I was about seven, maybe eight, she went on a sleepover at her friend Tanisha's next door, and I took her pillow for the first time and curled up in front of the TV watching The Dukes of Hazard. I remember it had a tiny hole at the bottom that I poked at. I fell asleep during a movie, though, and when Lynne unexpectedly came back to grab her shoebox of 45 records, she saw me and threw a fit. We fought for a couple of minutes before my mother broke it up. We fought a lot back then.

4. I have a small birthmark on my right thigh roughly in the shape of Florida. At least I've always thought that's what it looks like.

5. During my year in Columbus, I taught a life-drawing class for adults, but we couldn't afford a model, so guess who had to do double-duty as the model? I didn't pose nude, but I did emphasize gesture as a means of communication. I think my class got the idea, though some had a harder time with it than others. And they always liked it when I demonstrated by doing some drawing of my own.

6. During my senior year of college, I had a brief fling with a New Age girl. It only lasted less than a month. The one time we slept together, she did this very odd ritual in which she surrounded her bed with rocks and crystals, meant, she said to improve the energy flow of our chakras. I won't tell you what else was involved, but the end result did not feel all that sexy. I will say that I drew the line at the Kama Sutra. I do not have the body for that sort of thing - although if I had to do it all over again...

7. I take my coffee with way too many sugars. I've been trying to cut down on it lately by substituting things like Sweet & Low or Equal, but I always notice the difference and it's not the same. Lately, I've been trying milk and that helps a little, but after the first few sips I always end up adding sugar anyway out of habit. I know, I know, I need to lay off. At least now I drink smaller cups!

So which two are real?


  1. I have no idea, but I'm going to guess the fight about the pillow and chakra girl!


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