Thursday, January 16, 2014

Would you prefer the 1925 Oscars?

'The Big Parade'
So now that we've gotten over the pissing and moaning over who got snubbed and who got nominated that shouldn't have in this year's Oscars, allow me to present an alternative. Le from Critica Retro has put together a super-sweet video (made for the recent Classic Film History Project Blogathon) of a make-believe Oscar ceremony for the films of 1925, which was a pretty awesome year: Chaplin's The Gold Rush, Battleship Potemkin, the original Phantom of the Opera, the original Ben-Hur, a silent Wizard of Oz, The Big Parade, The Lost World, and more. I haven't seen a lot of these movies, but now I want to. Le, of course, is the hostess for this show; in fact she's got a whole YouTube channel which you should also take a look at. Her accompanying post is here, but check out the video first! (The video is in English; she speaks it quite well; for the post you'll need to translate it. Google Translate should do it automatically.)

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