Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gravitational links

October is sure to be an exciting month. Lot of potential Oscar-caliber movies will unfurl for the people, and while some may think the race is already over thanks to Twelve Years a Slave, well, all I can say to that is a lot of people thought the race was over with The Social Network a couple of years ago, and look what happened. I may not be any kind of Oscar prognosticator, but I know this much: the Academy will pick what it likes regardless of what the media or the public or anybody else says they should pick. Once in awhile the picks line up, but most of the time, they don't, and picking the winner in September is about as foolish a thing as you can ever do when it comes to the Oscars. Sit back and relax. We got a long way to go until February.

Raquel suggests ten ways to get more out of reading classic film-related books.

Pam drops ten little-known facts about Golden Age film icon Mae West.

TCM is holding a contest where you can host a movie with Robert Osbourne - and Will has advice on how to win.

Courtney ponders how parenthood has changed his movie-viewing habits.

Retrospace teases you some images of carefully concealed nudity in movies (which should still be considered NSFW).

Remember the great Rocky II training montage? Well, somebody figured out where in the streets of Philadelphia he runs and for how long, and now people are gonna duplicate that run.

Finally, the Alamo Drafthouse has announced that they're no longer coming to Manhattan. (They are still coming to Brooklyn, though, and they're already in Yonkers.)


  1. Thanks for the link love, Rich!

    While I agree it is too early to call the Oscar race over yet, it will be tough for a film to impact me the way 12 Years a Slave did. Looking forward to revisiting that film again when it hits theatres.

    Gravity was a lot of fun also, and should be seen on the biggest screen possible.

    Of course, there are still plenty of other high profile Oscar-bait films to look forward to. Some of the ones I am excited to see are the new films from: the Coen Brothers, Alexander Payne and Spike Jones.

  2. I am indeed, seriously considering seeing 'Gravity' in IMAX. Haven't done that in years.

  3. Looking forward to those comment attractions, Rich! But the Alamo Drafthouse is coming to Yonkers? Seriously? That would be pretty darn cool, considering my family and I used to live a hop, skip, and jump away! They're so lucky!

  4. It's already in Yonkers. One of these days I'm gonna have to take the trip up there myself.


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