Saturday, September 21, 2013

Each Dawn I Die

MR. FRANK ROSS of the Bantom, who, in the opinion of
this paper's Editor-in-Chief, has been unjustly convicted
as a result of his investigations into District Attorney
Jesse Hanley
An Editorial
By Mr. R. A. Watson, Editor-in-Chief

In the eleven years that I have humbly served as Editor-in-Chief of this, your Great Metropolitan Newspaper, I have made it my first, foremost Duty - and indeed, this paper's Duty - to seek out the Truth, no matter which dark and winding alleys that journey may lead us. 

This journey has put me at odds with some of the most powerful people in this City, sometimes at great risk to my life and the lives of the Fine and Excellent Writers who tirelessly report for this paper, yet we believe that You, the People, deserve no less. 

However, it is one of our competitors that I come to speak to you of today; an unusual act, I admit, and one that will certainly not endear me to our esteemed Publisher, but in times of great strife, Men of Good Conscience must unite in the face of a greater cause. 

And just as our European brothers even now prepare to make a stand against the insidious forces rising out of Germany that threaten to engulf the Continent, so too must we oppose malfeasance and perfidy here at home!

It has been my great honor to have been an acquaintance of Mr. Frank Ross for the past seven years. I remember when he first came up at the Bantom. Even then, I was greatly impressed at his bulldog tenacity when it comes to covering a story. 

I will admit, I have always thought Mr. Patterson sometimes gives him more leniency than I would when it comes to his investigative methods, but overall, Mr. Ross has been good for the Bantom and good for this City. In my brief interactions with him, I know Mr. Ross to be a man of sterling character.

Which is why when he says he is not only Innocent of the charges that have seen him convicted of Manslaughter and sent to State Penitentiary - in a trial that has shook this City to its core - but that he has evidence implicating District Attorney Jesse Hanley of graft, my Journalist's Instinct, which has almost never failed me in close to thirty years in this industry, man and boy - my Journalist's Instinct tells me that Mr. Frank Ross is, in fact, telling the Truth!

How can I say this? Friends, I can say this because we at this paper have also covered the career of Mr. Jesse Hanley and we have fearlessly reported, time and again, of his questionable business dealings, his associations with certain, shall we say, individuals of Ill Repute, and the conflicts of interest that have marked his career in the District Attorney's Office as surely as God marked Cain! 

And while suspicion of corruption is not Proof, still have we called him to account time and again without a satisfactory response! 

And now, this man, this Mr. Jesse Hanley, presumes to run for the highest office in the State, a campaign no doubt aided and abetted by his fat cat friends to whom he will be beholden should he capture the Governorship - and where will that leave you and me and everyone else in this fair State?

Would you be willing to cast your vote for a man who places private interests ahead of those of the People to whom he professes to serve?

I have placed my best reporters on the case to continue the work begun by Mr. Ross, and as Editor-in-Chief, I give you my Solemn Promise that we will not rest until we find Proof, one way or the other, of the accusations leveled at Mr. Hanley by Mr. Ross, not only of the charges of graft, but of the charges of a frame-up against Mr. Ross!

Mr. Hanley, I speak for everyone at this paper when I say that your time is coming soon!

And to Mr. Frank Ross, currently languishing away in State Pen, I say: Stay Strong! And continue fighting the Good Fight!


  1. We're with you, Mr. Watson. If you need any petitions signed or phone calls made, you have only to ask.

  2. Madam, I have always known that the Citizens of our neighbor north of the Forty-Ninth Parallel were every bit the lovers of Truth and Justice as we Americans! May the Northern Lights forever shine on your Home and Native Land!

  3. Inspired! That's the word for your blogathon post -- I LOVE it! I'm with Caftan Woman ... I'm ready to sign! Each Dawn I Die is one of the very best in my book, and this is one take on it I won't forget...

  4. Madam, I'm just an old Newspaperman who never even finished school, but if indeed my humble prose has so moved you, then I am honored.

  5. Love it! I believe, too. You have used the power of the press for good!

    1. Miss, the power of the Press is one of the greatest Freedoms we are blessed to have in this great country of ours, and I have always aspired to do no less than to use it for good!

  6. Rich, your creativity in blogathon posts always surprised me. Thanks for another fun post, and it made me want to further my horizons when I write to my own blog, getting out of the box and the obvious.
    Thanks for the kind comment!

  7. Great day in the morning! Has my unpolished prose extended so far as to reach beyond the shores of this very Continent? Young lady, one of the first stories I ever wrote as a newspaperman required spending a week in Rio de Janeiro in the days immediately following the Great War! One day I'll have to share that story... a case of mistaken identity that ended with a chase through the streets during Carnaval! But for now, I thank you for your correspondence!


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