Monday, June 3, 2013

Links of the living dead

Last month was a rough one for two of my favorite film bloggers, Page and Brandie, but I believe they'll get through it. Admittedly, I don't know them that well, but they both strike me as having the ability to overcome the adversity that life has thrown at them. Do yourself a favor and check out their blogs; let 'em know you're out there.

This past weekend finally felt like summer for real after a cold and dreary spring, and I loved it! I spent both days out and about in the city, mostly Greenwich Village, and I even broke out the shorts for the first time all year. You might have heard that here in NYC, we've just started a brand new bike sharing program, and so far it looks like it's caught on pretty quickly. It's a huge change, and there are always gonna be some people afraid of the implications of that change, but in the long run, I firmly believe it'll benefit everybody.

Warm weather means it's time to start planning outdoor movies. Last night, I was looking at the schedules for the traditional outdoor movie sites in the five boroughs, and there are some particularly sweet selections this year, including a handful of classic movies I've never seen before, so I'm quite excited about it all.

Before the end of the day, I'll have the Sally Kellerman pics from last month's MASH screening up on the WSW Facebook page. Yes, they're late, I know.

From around the film blogosphere:

Courtney uses The Fast and the Furious franchise to examine where Hollywood stands on diversity. I really wish I were more interested in this franchise than I actually am, because Courtney's absolutely right; it does appear that Hollywood treats the F&F movies like a fluke instead of trying to learn from it. Still, it's hard for me personally to care about them with dramatic voids like Vin Diesel and the Rock in it, among others. If I was twelve again, it might be different, but most of the time, I look for a little more in my movies than fast cars and... fast cars. Still, F&F does deserve props for completely defying conventional wisdom on how to make an action movie franchise.

In anticipation of her blogathon in his honor next month, Monstergirl gives you the 411 on director William Castle.

The Lady Eve spotlights Rosemary's Baby and New York's famous Dakota building.

Brian does a good analysis of Steven Soderbergh's recent state-of-cinema speech.

Here's a story from the fine blog Silent Volume about an unusual screening of an early 20s film.

Two different pieces about the digital revolution: how digital movies are projected, and how smaller theaters are adjusting to the change.

The modern Hollywood screenwriter rarely gets to write what he wants to write.


  1. Hello fellow New Yorker! Thanks for the shout out about the Castlethon-can't wait to see your submission. Let me know where these outdoor screenings are. Last summer we hung a sheet in the backyard and watched B movies with an old movie projector. It was grand. Stay cool- Joey



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