Monday, November 26, 2012

Pi-in-the-sky links

Not much to say this week except that I'm not sure I'll be able to see as many new movies this season as I'd like to, for the simple reason that there's soooooooo much to see! There's a second-run theater not too far from me that I suspect I may employ in the coming weeks in an effort to play catch-up. Plus, TCM's Star of the Month next month is Barbara Stanwyck, and you know I'm gonna write a few posts for that. At this rate, I may not have a Top 10 list ready until next February...

Dorian serves up a twin bill of Bob Hope/Paulette Goddard movies.

I liked Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as a kid, but probably wouldn't watch it now. John's friend Jeff explains why, hilariously.

Pam talks about an old Italian WWII movie that, from the sound of it, makes Life is Beautiful look like Schindler's List

Andrew analyzes the Hollywood Reporter actress roundtable discussion.

From the UK, The Guardian writes about Silver Linings Playbook and Oscar's long, uncomfortable history with comedies.

A Dallas fan remembers the late Larry Hagman.


  1. Rich, many thanks for including my CAT & THE CANARY/GHOST BREAKERS double-bill among your roundup of movie fun and frolic! Come December, I'll also be interested in seeing what you'll have to say about Barbara Stanwyck, another beloved Team Bartilucci fave!

  2. Look under the 'themes' tab at the top and you'll find I did an entire week of Stany movies once!


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