Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gold medal links

I finally saw The Dark Knight Rises; my post on it will go up later today. I find I'm actually kinda glad I waited. For one thing, I got a better idea of its quality, not that I read a lot of reviews on it. Also - and with all due respect to my fellow film bloggers - when it comes to movies like this, we're like lemmings. We not only have to see it opening weekend, if not opening day, but we have to get our reviews on it up as soon as possible, never mind the fact that hundreds of other writers are writing about the exact same movie at more or less the same time. I am absolutely no different; I succumb to this mentality just as much as the next blogger. But sometimes a more measured approach is called for.

I've made a guest appearance on a blog called Eternity of Dream as part of a collective group post called "New York in Genres." It's all about New York-based movies set in different genres.

Everyone really liked me putting Jean Seberg in my re-casted version of Pulp Fiction, so here's a review from Courtney of an actual Seberg movie, Breathless.

Jacqueline talks about the old Joan Crawford film Mildred Pierce with an emphasis on the cinematography.

Speaking of the Caped Crusader, Leonard Maltin takes a look back at the old Batman serials.

And here's an interesting think piece on blacks in sci-fi films.

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