Saturday, August 20, 2011

Soundtrack Saturday: David Bowie

Underrated as an actor, actually. He's been in some good movies.

"Absolute Beginners" from Absolute Beginners

"Underground" from Labyrinth 

"This Is Not America" from The Falcon and the Snowman (he's not in the movie but the song is)

Bowie by Alex from Film Forager!


  1. The Man Who Fell To Earth is considered a classic and a true star turn for him. I thought many wondered why he didn't pursue more acting.

    Also notable is his Pontius in Last Temptation. It is a shame The Hunger isn't recognized more though.

    His turn as Tesla recently was pretty damn good too.

    It'd be awesome if Nolan could find something for him in the last Batman film before it ends filming. I don't know what... just something.

  2. That would be nice.

    I never saw 'The Man Who Fell to Earth.' I'll have to find that one someday.

  3. Hey, I just remembered you have a sketch of him...


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