Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Set List: She was something more than sexual

Soundtrack of the week: Singles
Decent movie, kick-ass soundtrack. It took me a little longer to get into grunge than most, but when I did, I fully embraced it.

Pearl Jam, "State of Love and Trust"

Song-about-movies of the week: "Candle in the Wind"
More for this video than anything else. Plus it's the live version, which I like better than the studio one.

Song-that-would-make-a-good-movie of the week: "America"
So many Simon & Garfunkel songs would make good movies. This could be a simple road-trip movie about a boy and a girl heading for New York for the first time and their various misadventures. This would have to be a retroactive movie, because you'd need a director like Hal Ashby or Bob Rafelson to direct it.

Actor-singer of the week: Avery Brooks
The man played Paul Robeson on Broadway, so you know he's got the chops. Here he is from when he was on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine singing a duet with recurring guest star James Darren (who's more of a singer first, in my opinion).

Avery Brooks and James Darren, "The Best Is Yet to Come"

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