Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday Set List (Friday morning special)

Moved up a day so I can take the holiday weekend off. No set list next week.

Soundtrack of the week: La Bamba
Oh, man, the ending to this movie always makes me cry. When we first got cable TV in the mid-80s, I'd watch this movie a lot. You've heard the title trac
k plenty of times, so let's put on another song from the movie...

Los Lobos, "Framed"

Song-about-movies of the week: "Celluloid Heroes"
One of my favorite Kinks songs.

Song-that-would-make-a-good-movie of the week: "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"
The lyrics suggest a later time period, but for the purposes of this proposed movie, I would set this blaxploitation crime story during Depression-era Chicago, in which the title character is the most notorious pimp and hustler in the South Side. It would also serve as a portrait of black life in general during the period, with cameo appearances by real-life celebrities of the era such as Richard Wright, Joe Louis and Louis Armstrong, among others. I could see Don Cheadle as Leroy (yeah, I know he's probably not 6' 4", but so what).

Actor-singers of the week: John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd
Still miss John Belushi after all these years, though I can't help but wonder: had he lived, would his career have declined the way Dan Aykroyd's has? I mean, Yogi Bear, Dan? Really? And now there's all this talk about a third Ghostbusters movie, which might be good, but I dunno... Still, perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh. I still love Aykroyd, and I think he's got one more great comedy movie in him.

The Blues Brothers, "Gimme Some Lovin'"

Enjoy your holiday, everyone. I'll be back Tuesday.

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