Thursday, December 30, 2010

For my 100th post...

...all I have to say, really, is that I'm glad I made it this far. I've definitely learned a lot more about blogging and it looks like I've made a few new friends, which is all anyone can realistically hope for. I've got some more things in mind for WSW in 2011, most of them art-related, some of them LAMB-related. I trust you'll let me know which ones work and which ones don't.

The winner of the December 16 contest, as determined by is

Robert Fleitz

Congratulations! You'll get an 8 1/2" x 11" color piece of the actor or actress of your choice, in addition to your smaller black and white piece. Thanks to everyone who participated.


  1. No way! I can't believe I won! This like, totally made my morning. :D

  2. Congrats on the 100th post! Many would-be bloggers out there can't make it to their tenth. Lookin' forward to keeping up with your posts as 2011 unfolds.

  3. Thanks, Hatter.

    So Robert, do you want the same person done in color or a different one?


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