Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The argument for 'Inception'

...what is most striking about Chris’ work behind the scenes is how he chooses to use digital tools and how enterprising he’s remained even while working inside the Hollywood studio system. One might say that he’s leading a mini-renaissance in our industry, in a time that’s arguable [sic] become the heyday of green-screen films largely realized in post, it’s inspiring to see a talented and successful young director like Chris Nolan avoiding the systematic use of new technologies in favor of more wide-ranging filmmaking methods.

I haven't talked about Inception much in this space. I was not nearly as confused by it as many people were; indeed, it's not that confusing a movie at all if you pay close attention to it. I think it's unfortunate that Leonardo DiCaprio isn't getting enough praise for this movie; between this and Shutter Island he's delivered two remarkable performances this year and yet he probably won't get Oscar nominated for either one. (Maybe he makes it look too easy?) That this movie got made at all is a minor miracle; that it succeeded as well as it did is a testament to Christopher Nolan's audacity as a filmmaker and a storyteller, which will finally get recognized, I am certain, with his first Oscar nomination. What do you make of Inception's Oscar chances?

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  1. I think people are just really used to having the plot being spoonfed to them, like in basic CSI-type crime shows. The perp is always shown somewhere in the beginning, he's always introduced at some point. But when the secrets and the mechanisms of the plot aren't there from the get go, I think a lot of people get frustrated and don't see past it and then blame the film. I don't NEED all the answers, but most people do. Whether giving them is the best thing to do, I don't know, but I thuroughly enjoyed this film.

  2. I think the film will be like Nolan's The Dark Knight. Get a lot of nominations, but barely win any. Except I could defiantly see this one actually getting nominated for Best Picture.

  3. 5plit, I remember when films like THE USUAL SUSPECTS and L.A. CONFIDENTIAL and Nolan's own MEMENTO inspired lots of debate and discussion. I think with INCEPTION, it was the complex plot plus the sci-fi trappings that may have tripped people up.

    CM, I think you can definitely pencil it in for Best Picture. Nolan's gotten too big to ignore at this point, and expanding the field to ten was done so films like this could have more of a shot at getting in.


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