Saturday, September 10, 2016

Enterprise NX-01

Like I said when I wrote about Cpt. Archer, I didn't like the idea of a pre-Kirk Trek series. I thought Enterprise would have a tough time creating a ship high-tech enough to be more advanced than anything in the 21st century present, but still not as advanced as the NCC-1701.

I'm still not convinced they pulled it off successfully, especially given how present-day technology has evolved. The exterior is fine. It looks enough like the 1701 to be familiar to non-fans, but it's not as streamlined, not as graceful. The interior is not as colorful, but it's busier, for lack of a better word. I suppose I would buy the NX-01 as a predecessor to, say, the 1701-D, or even the A, but the 1701 is so iconic, so distinctive, and so of its time (the 1960s), that anything that comes after that model, even if it's meant to pre-date it, will look modern regardless. The 1701 was created with a limited budget, smaller than that for the NX-01. If the former had a bigger budget, it might look closer to the latter.

The crew of the NX-01... well, like I said, I bailed on Enterprise early, so I never got to know them that well. I know T'pol and Trip were a couple. I thought Hoshi was cute. I thought the alien doctor looked like a cross between a human and a Cardassian. That's about it for impressions. I know everyone says the show got better with the introduction of the Xindi and the so-called "temporal cold war." I did see the Mirror Universe episodes, and I actually liked them. I'm sure there's probably good stuff to be found in the show.

Jonathan Archer

Alternate Enterprise NCC-1701

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