Friday, September 9, 2016

Alternate Enterprise NCC-1701

So the alternate Enterprise is destroyed after only three - more like two and a half - movies? That seems like such a waste. Not that I was attached to it in any way, but like I said in my post on Star Trek Beyond, this impermanence strikes me as typical of action movies these days... but I don't see any point in complaining. If the filmmakers don't see it as important, why should I?

For what it's worth, I thought the design was good. It was very similar to the original on the outside, yet something about the way it was filmed, with rotating camera angles and slow pans around the surface, made it look and feel massive in a way different from its big-screen predecessors. The primary colors of the interior, especially the bridge, were replaced with an icy blue and silver sheen that I found less appealing visually. Touch-screen computer consoles made sense, since we have that technology now. Didn't like all those pipes and tubes in engineering.

This cast naturally isn't gonna have the same kind of chemistry as the casts of any of the TV shows. After three movies, though, I do feel like they've gotten better acclimated with each other and their roles. Seeing Zach Quinto and Karl Urban bicker as Spock and McCoy almost felt like old times again. It was also nice to see John Cho as Sulu start to assume more of a leadership role. Zoe Saldana didn't have much to do in Beyond, but overall, she's gotten a higher profile role than expected. I would like her to actually use her communication skills more often, though, and not just be one more soldier. Simon Pegg is the funnyman, and that suits me fine. Scotty should be a boisterous character. As for the late Anton Yelchin, as I said, I like that he put a spin on Chekov that makes him more modern. We'll never know how much further he could have gone in the part.

I'd like to see the more familiar secondary characters in future movies: Lt. Kyle, Dr. M'benga, Yeoman Rand, Nurse Chapel (we know she's there, at least, even if we haven't seen her). I suspect it's not a priority, though. This cast is not the original magnificent seven and the kinds of adventures they have aren't like what we've become accustomed to. I think after three movies, I'm still adjusting to that fact.

Chris Pine's Kirk

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