Friday, October 27, 2017

Five movies to represent me

With thanks to Michelle for the idea, however indirectly.

What five films would you tell a significant other to watch to know what kind of person you are?

The reasons why are in the post. Also here. This movie alone would be more than enough.

Love Jones
I wanted to be like the characters in this movie, or at least meet them in reality. Eventually, I did, in more ways than one - only they all live too far away from me.

Not just the Mets, not just baseball, but sports in general. And my father. Duh.

Again, the reasons why are in the post.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
I've actually never seen this... but for a movie about the joy of biking, I can't imagine a better choice.


  1. Intriguing premise. I enjoyed reading posts from the time before I became a regular. I believe I once said you were one of my favourite writers; I would have said it sooner.

  2. Whenever you said it, I'm awfully glad you did. Thanks.

  3. These are cool choices! I think you did it right, as opposed to what I did, which is just pick 5 favorites. I'll have to go back to remember what I picked, although I can think of at least 3 of them.

    Oh, Higher Ground. I saw that in the theater the last night it was playing anywhere close to me, and I remember being so glad that I made the drive to Indy to see it. If I remember right, it was set in the seventies, but it totally took me right back to the 80s Christianity of my youth. I visited this post a few days ago and read your Higher Ground post. I'll go back and look at your other old posts for these when I'm more awake!

  4. I was wondering how BLADE RUNNER figured into your life...

    I almost didn't include HIGHER GROUND, but since the question involves movies for a significant other, I figure that implies a certain level of intimacy and trust. This is a pretty clever thought experiment.


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