Saturday, December 17, 2016

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Discovery has its lead

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Walking Dead star has captured the lead role in the upcoming series. [Sonequa] Martin-Green’s casting marks the first time an African-American woman has had the top role in a Star Trek series. As has been previously reportedDiscovery’s lead character holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander (with caveats) aboard the titular vessel. Deadline is reporting that her character’s name will be Lieutenant Commander Rainsford.

I have to admit, even though I knew the star of Discovery would be a relative unknown, this announcement still feels somewhat anticlimactic. Naturally, I wish the best for Sonequa Martin-Green (there's a name that'll take some getting used to), but I haven't seen her in The Walking Dead or anything else yet. I don't know how she'll do as the star of a new Trek series. Hopefully she'll do fine.

As I read about this last night, it hit me how different Discovery is going to be from its predecessors. I imagine this must have been how Trekkies felt about Deep Space Nine when it debuted. The difference for me was, Trek was still relatively new to me back then. Now, I guess you could say I have a more established idea of what Trek is "supposed" to be. Starting out with a lead character who's not the commanding officer feels very odd indeed, but hey, I'm willing to play along. It's not like I'm gonna see much of this show once it goes up behind the CBS paywall anyway...

Other cast members have been announced in the past few weeks. I know Anthony Rapp from Rent, of course. Very pleased to see him make Trek history as the first original gay character. Doug Jones was Abe Sapien in the Hellboy movies, so his casting leads me further to the belief his character will be a really weird looking alien, maybe a non-humanoid if they go the motion-capture route. And what would Trek be without Klingons?

Bryan Fuller has said Discovery is all about tolerance. If ever such a message was desperately needed, it is now. The next four years will put this idea through a great test, and I suspect it's gonna go through the wringer. People will need reminders of what it means to find common ground with those who are unlike themselves. Discovery should be well-suited to provide them. I wish everyone involved success... or as the Klingons say, Q'apla!

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  1. I haven't seen this actress in anything yet, but I always start out with the belief that someone wouldn't have been cast if they weren't right for the part and then it is up to them to prove it to me ... or not. Whether or when I'll get to see that proof is up in the air right now, but my curiosity is on high alert.

  2. Same here, but like I said, I think it's more the unusual set-up (pre-Kirk again, lead character not a captain, long story arcs) that has me skeptical more than any one actor.


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